A&F Opticians

A&F Opticians is a full service eye care practice located inside York Lanes. Our primary aim is to make available to the students, staff and faculty at York University, the very best in eye care service. Always a step ahead of today's fashion world, we strive to provide the greatest in designer eyewear and the latest in eye examination technology. We're here to provide the greatest service to the most-fashion forward university in Ontario.

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Daisy Gift Shop

Daisy Gift Shop offers a variety of products that are perfect gifts for any occasion.

Daisy Gift Shop is dedicated to helping you find your own gift with our creative and inspired gift ideas for your family, friends and anyone else important to you.

Think of us as the trusted friend you can call who helps you turn all of life’s special events into heartwarming moments you’ll remember for years to come.

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Data Integrity

Find all your computing needs at Data Integrity. We specialize in PC and Mac products and feature some of the latest computer accessories available.

We also provide offsite computer repair services for Mac & PC products from our highly trained technicians.

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nutrition house

nutrition house is Canada’s leading retailer for natural health products. Founded in 1979, we now operate in over 65 retail stores, located in high profile shopping centres across Canada, and in the USA.

Our Natural Health Product Advisors can help you find the natural health solutions that are right for you.

NOTE: Hours of operation are for September to April. Reduced hours in effect from May to August.

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The General Store

Offering a wide range of products such as food and beverages, magazines, stationary, and general household goods.

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York Lanes Pharmacy

York Lanes Pharmacy is conveniently located in York Lanes between The Campus Bubble Tea & Appletree Medical Centre.

We accept most drug plans including your school insurance that you have paid for which covers 80% of your medication costs.

We also carry a wide selection of confectionery, gums, chips & cold drinks, cosmetics, hair products & accessories, first aid, vitamins, dental & eyecare, nailcare, etc.

BUSINESS HOURS FOR JAN/05/2015-Feb/13/2015 shown below:

Come visit us today.

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York U Bookstore

York University Bookstore is a wholly owned part of York University. It is the outlet for all course textbook materials as well as general books, York insignia clothing, stationery and gifts.

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